The last first tooth

The last first tooth♡

I know I am not the first mother to be horrified by her youngest child’s first tooth. My third daughter whom we lovingly call Lil’ Bunny is the bearer of the last first tooth. She is nine months old and I have to honestly say this time is going way too fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital that cold November day? All snuggled up in her fuzzy  newborn onesy….With a gummy mouth and big blue eyes …..and now…..still the same big blue eyes….but a sharp white tooth proudly poking up from pink baby soon to turn toddler gums. 
These are the moments our elders tell us to hold onto….These are the moments we will miss…These are the moments I know I can never get back. It makes me notably sad that this is the last first tooth that I will experience of my three girls. No more days of sticking my finger in a completely gummy mouth to find a sharp new little tooth. . What a revalation. My girls are quickly growing up on me and before I know it I will be helping pick their first truck…..or their wedding dress….or with some luck teaching them how to wrap up their own newborn.

Although my heart aches from these changes that are happening so quickly, I am so blessed to witness them. Thank you Lil Bunny for being my last first everything and reminding me to slow down and soak up all the right nows. In thirty years no one will remember how clean my house was….or how many times we had sandwiches for a quick lunch…or how kept my yard was…..In thirty years I will remember my Lil Bunny’s last first tooth…..

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