The Helmet

The Helmet

Today I have been getting ready for a trail ride with several family and friends. Kids are sitting this ride out and it will be a chance for me to relax and have some “me time”. Almost finished packing and I turn around to see my four year old holding her red riding helmet out in extended arms. I gently said , “I know you want to go but this is a mom ride. Maybe next time.” I knew I had to be gentle with my words as Boo is a horse fanatic and hates to be left out of horse anything. She said, “mama I know I am not going but I was thinking you should wear my helmet. After all you said we have to protect our precious heads. So why shouldn’t you protect yours?”
This is one of those teachable moments….not for Boo….but for me. I have never ridden in a helmet. I grew up jumping off of anything to ride my horse bareback at breakneck speeds all over the county. My first horse was a 16 hand thoroughbred that I took more spills off of that I care to admit. Then my best friend and I were always riding and training horses. We rode green horses all the time that bucked kicked reared,  anything you name it. I have been scraped off on the sides of barns, stomped in the dirt, and backed in a corner and kicked unmercifully. …..While never having once worn a helmet.
Fast forward to being a mom of three little girls. Would I take a chance with them getting hurt when I could have prevented it? Absolutely not. From Boo’s earliest riding days she has always worn a helmet. I have taught her to always take every safety precaution and I have shown her pictures of riding accidents as well as spoken with people whom have been severely injured in riding accidents. All this time I have been drilling it to her that safety is number one…..and here she stands offering g me her helmet and gently reminding me how precious protecting myself is. I hear your message Boo…loud and clear. . .I’ll be getting  fitted for a helmet before I get on a horse again.

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