Good parent, Bad Parent; what Owl and Rose taught me today

Here on the HK Bar morning chores are a ritual. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, what holiday, or what the weather is. Animals have to be tended to. After dropping Boo off at school my two youngest daughters Owl and Bunny “help” me with chores. Owl loves our horses with a mad passion, and her favorite job is carrying the halter while I feed our five miniature horses. She squeals with delight because she know she can catch one with her halter. Our minis are happy to oblige and practically halter themselves. They know a halter means petting and brushing and getting fussed over.

Owl is nineteen months old and barely reaches the shoulders of our minis. But they are very gentle creatures and she knows enough to stay out from under their feet. Owl put the halter on one of our two year olds, Rose,  that we are training and commenced to plopping down in the dirt right next to Roses feeder. She was content to hold the end of the lead rope while Rose munched away on her grain. I continued on down the row filling the other feeders for our other mini residents.  I turn around to see Owl sitting astride Rose with the biggest cheesiest grin ever . Owl had overturned the feed bucket, crawled on top, and then climbed aboard Rose. Meanwhile Rose continues eating without turning as much as an ear in Owls direction. 
It may sound silly to some but in that moment I had tears silently rolling down my face. For in that moment I saw the true innocence and fiery spirit of my child. I saw she had a goal in mind….She wanted on that horse…and she was going to make it happen one way or another. She didn’t ask for help, she didn’t throw herself down on the ground in a tantrum….She saw opportunity with the bucket and she problem solved. 
It is in these moments that I realize maybe I am doing something right as a parent. Lord knows I have had my share of mommy meltdowns and temper tantrums. I have on more than one occasion lost my cool and commenced to throwing a mommy tantrum to  rival that of the best of any two year old. But in this singular moment I was so overcome with admiration for my daughter. I felt on top of the world. My parenting was showing through her independence and her gentle quiet nature with her horse……..and then I took her off the horse and took the halter to put it away……and she screamed at me……and spit and kicked writhing in the dirt like a wild animal gone mad. She was furious that horse time was over…..and that’s when I realized…..With tears silently rolling down my face…..that my parenting was yet again showing through…….

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