Professor Romeo

I am Romeo, an eight year old Dunn quarter horse pony. I have several students that I call my little grooms. There are lessons I teach better than anyone. 

1.) Clothes don’t matter as long as they are functional. I don’t care what brand you are wearing, how much you payed for them, or if they are “not cool.

2.) How I act is a  direct reflection of your attitude.  Whatever mood you approach me in is what I will feed off of and reflect directly back to you.

3.) I don’t care how many ribbons you have, or who rides better than you. I just love that you love me and that you spend time with me.

4.) It doesn’t matter to me how many friends you have or how cool people think you are. I just know how you treat me.

5.) I will make you work hard. I have a mind of my own and I will test your patience , your knowledge, and your endurance.

6.) I will show you that true love is unconditional love, and not some boy that says pretty things.

7.) I don’t understand what the word “failure” means.  I keep trying till I get it right, and so will you.

8.) I am a creature that lives in the moment and this moment alone. I’m not worried about what happened  yesterday, or what will happen in five minutes,  or even next year. The exact moment I am in now is all I need. I live this moment to the fullest.

9.) My herd is my family. We all take care of one another. Of course we squabble but we always love each other and look out for one another.

10.) I have a currency just like you. For everyone it is different. If we deal in my currency (food and excersize) I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Find people’s currency and motivate them accordingly.

My herd member Jo and another of my little grooms Owl.
My groom Boo and I

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