Run Wild my dear girl.

I take every opportunity to let my three daughters run wild here on the HK Bar. My mom always told my brother and I “if it’s not illegal or immoral then by all means go for it!” I have taken this style of parenting this past summer. My girls are Boo, 4 years old , Owl 19 months old, and Bunny 9 months old.  I used to be the mom that wipes their kids noses and made sure their socks matched.

But let’s get real, with three girls under the age of four someone’s nose ALWAYS needs wiped, and someone’s socks are ALWAYS mismatched. I finally realized that life is way to short to sweat the small stuff. If I was still “that mom” my day wouldn’t go further than wiping noses and incessantly matching socks.

So today I layed a blanket down under  a shade tree and put Bunny on it with snacks and a few toys. She really ended up feeding all her cheerios to our ancient red heeler, Tucker, while she commenced to eating dirt and chewing on twigs.  Boo led our miniature horses all over the place and brushed them. And owl climbed gates, ate a little dirt, carried around our kittens, and threw some rocks in the driveway. And I lunged my horses. They were all where I could see them and perfectly safe in their activities….and so very happy….had I been “that mom” I would still be having a heart attack that my nine month old was chewing on a stick, or that my nineteen month old was throwing rocks, or that my four year old may get hurt by one of the minis.

People talk about the good old days when kids rode their bikes all day and played in the dirt or made forts. Let’s face the reality people, although this is a different world we live in but if we dont let go and provide the opportunity for our kids to learn how to play like that, then they will never learn! People need to let their kids be adventurous and creative., and I think parents these days have a tendency to over parent and be helicopter moms/dads.

So I say run wild my dear girls and enjoy it. Get dirty, eat some dirt, throw rocks, and hop on a pony bareback (with a helmet of course) and run wild.

Here on the HK Bar we don’t do fancy…..we do real.

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