It takes a tragedy. ..

Very recently I received a phone call from a dear friend  of mine that rocked my world. However, it is not my place to discuss what their particular experience was, all I can say is it rocked me to my core and made my blood go cold. It made my heart ache. I wanted to scream and cry, I wanted to break things. There was too much emotion to be dealt with all at once. It made me look at my husband, my children, my friends and family like I hadn’t before. It made me want to put a protective bubble around those that I love so that no harm may ever come to them. So that they may never suffer any tragedy.

Why does it take a tragedy to make us realize how precious life is? Why does it take something catastrophic to make us slow down and hold our loved ones more closely?

We are by design here in America workaholics that tend to overlook our families and rush rush rush. We miss out on so much with this mindset. I realize you have to work to provide food and shelter, but why not slow down when you have the opportunity. It may just mean the difference of life and death to someone on the verge of suicide, that extra awareness may just save a sexual abuse victim, or simply make someone’s day that you spent the time to acknowledge them.

Although I am still reeling from that recent phone call, I will never again take for granted those around me. So please don’t let it take a tragedy in your life to make you always love, appreciate, care for and protect those around you.

2 thoughts on “It takes a tragedy. ..

  1. My thoughts are with you my friend. It is sad but it is what we do. I think we just get wrapped in our everyday lives. Sometimes we have to slow down and just think. That is something i try to do with my family. Have family and friends time all the time. 🙂 take care my friend.


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