The Silent Hour

I often get up a couple hours before my three girls wake up. If you are a parent or have even babysat a child, you know it is a rare moment that there is silence. The sound at the HK Bar at 4 am is deafening silence.

Often times I use this hour to work horses, and sometimes I just sit in the dirt in the middle of our miniature horse lot and feed the minis treats. I love the sound of hooves in the morning, the sound of a horse quietly pulling at grass or the occasional snort.

My silent hour on these mornings leaves me feeling balanced, energized, and ready for whatever the day brings. Some people run, I however am not made for running, some people smoke, I think I would be an enthusiastic smoker but the whole shortening your life thing is a turnoff, some people do yoga, once again I am not made for that, I am however made to appreciate and revel in the beauty and genuine spirit that horses offer.

Horses don’t judge, they live in the moment and take everything at face value. They don’t want anything other than to be loved and treated well. In my silent hour my horses remind me to be more like them.

One hope for my children is that they too may always have a silent hour. I hope they take the time to breath deeply, I hope they may always take the time to enjoy small things like the beautiful sound of a horse breathing, and the feel of wooly hair in the winter time.  I hope that they may always have a silent hour to make them feel balanced, energized,  and ready for whatever their days bring.

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