Better than myself

One of the things I love most about being a mother to my three girls is, they teach me so many things. There is no one person more wise than a child. They see things simply and quite clearly.

A few days ago I was discussing an article I had read in a horse magazine about how to win in the show ring  with my husband. I am a horse enthusiast,  and I always love learning more about horses and different disciplines.  My husband is not much of a horse person, and prefers to stay safely grounded. (Although he has a sweet spot for our five miniature horses, and I have caught him sneaking them treats on more than one occasion).
He obligingly listens to my endless blathering about horses. I commenced to telling him different tricks to get the judges to notice you, how to make your horse stand out, blah blah blah……

Another thing that I have learned about being a mother is I have three sets of ears that are ALWAYS LISTENING! And true to form my four year old, Boo pipes up and says, “mom, that article sounds great and all, but I just want to be better than myself.”

My husband coyly smiled and I sat there mouth agape. I said “I think that is the best advice anyone has ever given me, I’ll think on that, thanks Boo.” And she skipped merrily away.

And true to my word I did think on that. I am so proud to have a daughter that just wants to be better than herself. Sure she has her four year old moments when winning the blue ribbon is all she can think about, but then again, so do I. It is wonderful to be reminded that it’s about me as a person. It is all about being better than our individual selfs, not about being g better than someone else.

All too often I believe we compare our lives/cars/houses/etc to other people. When really it doesn’t really matter what is going on in other people’s lives. It’s about building yourself and making your own life better regardless what someone else has or does.

So thank you Boo for yet again teaching me another valuable lesson and reminding  me to just be better than myself. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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