Heart of the HK Bar

Good morning to you from the HK Bar. Every morning I am blessed to wake up to not only my family, but to my non human family. This is Twilight he has been with us less than a year. He is the babysitter of the farm that I can turn my girls loose with. They can brush his hair climb all over him, feed him treats (his favorite are peppermint flavored) whatever he just loves their attention. He is also the head horse of the miniatures. He is always the first one to whinny his hello….or maybe he’s saying “feed me damnit” but either way, he at least a knowledges my presence which is great, even if it is because I’m the lunch lady.

This is Rose, she is one of our two year olds and is a sweetheart to a fault. She is the one that gets pushed around at mealtime because she is too sweet. I believe she thinks this is her best angle.
This little beauty’s name is Grace….Although she can be quite the bully and is second in command. She is very strong and always pairing with Twilight. 
This is one of “the sisters” . They are in fact sisters. They are so graceful and gentle. Their names are Celeste and Louise. 
This big girl is my Jo, she has been with me for almost a year now. She is a very proper girl that can’t believe her hair is in such a mess. She is my go to girl for anything. 
These two are my cockle burr magnets the pony horses of HK Bar. Romeo and Katelyn.
The horse on the left is Charger. He is fifteen and has been with me since was 6 months old. He is my oldest buddy that has been with me…..since I was in middle school! He was my first horse that I saddle broke and finished by myself. We became very close and I couldn’t let him go. The little gal on the right is Isis and she is awaiting her forevor home. 
There is my two old cows Ellie and Ebony that I raised from a bottle about five years ago. They are tame as cats and I love these girls .
Speaking of cats here are the four kittens that have imprinted on my husband. He has a soft spot for little things even if he won’t admit it. He also secretly favors the minis.
Tucker, our red heeler, acts as guardian and papa to the kittens. He is a lovely soul and always there. 
Then there’s this guy….
My husband Kevin, is the silent heartbeat of the HK Bar. He works two and sometimes three jobs to keep the HK running. He works 16 hour days at least six days a week and yet he still comes home and eats supper with his girls and makes sure we know how much he loves us. I am in awe of this man. His work ethic and unwavering support  of our family and farm is part of why I love him so much. He is truly the last of a dying breed. 
Although the animals make the HK Bar he is truly the heartbeat. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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