☆Doritos for Breakfast☆

This morning Owl, Bunny, and I met up with some of our very dear friends Amber, Ellis, and Hayden. We usually walk for thirty minutes every morning but we both just were not feeling it this morning. So we decided on breakfast at Subway.

Some mornings you just have to be in the moment and enjoy the people and things around you. You have to stop worrying about how many carbs you are ingesting, you have to forget basic standards for a few moments and really just be. So that being said, I fed Owl an oatmeal raisin cookie and chocolate milk (hey it has oatmeal right?!?), and also doritos, Bunny had an assortment of egg, smashed doritos, and oatmeal cookie bits. (I’m pretty sure she drank half my coke too.)

Amber and I visited and the kids played and had fun. By the end of the thirty minute affair our children looked….well…..you saw the picture….and believe me the picture is very forgiving. It didn’t quite catch the dorito stained fingers and snotty noses of my girls. But my point In  all this is….we all lived in the moment.  No one worried about the fact our children were eating doritos for breakfast, and that Owl bathed herself in her chocolate milk when no one was looking.

All too often in the past I worried about the stigma of being that mom. You know the one that never has it together and looks like a parenting trainwreck….and so do their children. 

But I realize now other people’s opinions of me do not matter. I choose to live in the moment and enjoy my family and friends.  So yes, I fed my kids doritos and oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate milk for breakfast, and I loved every minute of it. Today I made a memory that makes my heart smile. 

Maybe YOU should also try doritos for breakfast♡

At the HK Bar we don’t do fancy…..we do real…

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