Security Bridle….

This is my 20 month old daughter Owl, and she is holding her security bridle…..yep instead of a security blanket….She chose a bridle. She lovingly drags it to Walmart (you should see the stares people give us….like I’m letting my child carry around a torture device), it went to her last dr. Appointment,  it sits faithfully under her chair at meal times like a faithful dog awaiting her return, it has even bathed with her a time or two…

Her security item might be a bit unconventional by most standards, but on our farm it makes perfect sense. We are horse enthusiasts, and Owl loves anything  to do with them. She associates that bridle with happiness because she knows it connects her to a horse.

I think in a sense we all have security bridles….family, a necklace, a special blanket, etc.
What makes us feel secure says alot about a person. It tells us what we value and why.

I am thankful that my daughter has a security bridle….iit tells me I just may be doing something right by raising her with animals that she loves. I hope they teach her true love, I hope they teach her passion, I hope they teach her work ethic, and most of all I hope they teach her true security.

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