How bout them cowgirls

Last night I was out working my mare, Jo, and my four year old daughter Boo was doing one of her favorite activities……being my “judge”. Stinkin’ little critter doesn’t miss even one of my mistakes while I’m riding. If I don’t have my heels down and head up, back straight, etc she is always quick on the draw with a never quiet , “mama heels DOWN chin UP back STRAIGHT!” I hear my own coaching echo back to me loud and clear from her little mouth. But what makes me smile is despite all of my mistakes she catches she also calls out frequent , “good posture, your hands look great, great stop mama, talk to him with your body not just your hands!” And the list could go on and on. It makes me smile when  she shouts her encouragement because I know she is mimicking me.
Although we don’t lead a fancy life, these are the moments that make me so proud of my three girls. They are learning a way of life that is sadly dying out. True farm and ranch families are outdated and being canceled out by big money corporate farms and cities. It gets harder and harder every year that goes by for farmers to keep their head above water and get bills payed. But aside from my soap box I am proud to raise my children in this fashion . 
After I worked Jo for a good hour Boo begged to get on and take her for some slow work to cool her down. My husband, kevin, stopped to watch and teased boo that she couldn’t be a cowgirl wearing rubber boots and shorts.  She didn’t miss a beat  before sayi g , “daddy bein’ a cowgirl isn’t about boots or shorts, it’s about how you conduct yourself. Besides any fool can put on boots and jeans. Me, I’m the real deal.” All the while with a huge grin on her face sitting astride my big Grey mare Jo. 
Honestly it is hard raising three girls with strong personalities. They always know exactly what they want and they are willing to fight for it. sometimes I wish for quiet passive children…..but then when I really think about it I really wouldn’t change my girls personalities for the world. Because I know when my girls come of age and they are ready to go out on their own they will stand on their own two feet and fight to the death for what they want. They won’t be the followers of this world….they will be leading. 
How bout them cowgirls? 

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