♡Love is knowing my brand of tampons even when I dont♡

I used to think love meant a passionate kiss or stolen moments before work in the morning with my husband. I like so many other young people thought I knew what love really meant. I started dating my husband, kevin, when I was 18. We got married and bought our farm when I was 23. I was so head over heals in love that I thought I had it all figured out…..yes thought……

After ten years together, six years of marriage, a farm, three children, ten horses, and throwing his crap out the back door at least twice, I have a better understanding of what love really is.

A few weeks ago I realized how much I love my husband. He didn’t buy me jewelry,  he didn’t bring home flowers, he didn’t show up with a horse (Although that could have impressed me)…..
I had made a shopping list earlier in the day and he picked it up and offered to go to the store and do the shopping. Gratefully I accepted his offer. He shopped while I wrangled our three rowdy girls through bedtime routine.

Kids in bed and Kevin finally arrived home. We quietly unpacked groceries daring not to make too much noise and awaken the beasts. I came to the last walmart bag that was full of bathroom stuff….soap….shampoo….and tampons. I had not written tampons on my list….

I looked to Kevin and he quietly said “I know they weren’t on the list but I noticed you were almost out.”  It was at this moment that I realized how much I love my husband. Not only had he noticed when I was in need, he had bought the only brand of tampons I will use. His actions told me he is always looking out for me…..it told me he pays attention to the things that matter to me no matter how small or insignificant they may seem…..it told me he will always provide and I can trust him to be the man of the house and provide what will be needed.  It told me he will always put my needs before his own pride or image.

Nowadays I realize love is when my husband offers to change a diaper after I’ve changed a million, I realize love is my husband working long days to provide for our family, love is him telling me to take a 5 minute break when the kids are driving me insane, love is my husband knowing my brand of tampons even when I dont…..

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