If only he could see through my eyes

I wish my husband could see himself through other people’s eyes just for a few moments. I think he would be surprised at what he learns. My husband is very hard on himself and always expects more of himself. Sometimes he is unrealistic about what he can take on. He always pushes past what most people can do. 
This guy will work sixteen hour days for days on end and still come home and spend time with me and our girls. No matter how long his days of work are he still comes home and makes an effort to make his girls happy. 
The pictures that I’ve chosen really show who my husband is. What I love about these pictures is he had no idea I was taking them. He loves his girls with all that he is. Typical man, he is not overly sensitive or emotional, but looking at these pictures, as well as watching him in person makes me melt. 
If he could see himself through my eyes I think he would fall in love with himself like I have. If he could see through my eyes he would see a hardworking man that always puts his family first. He would see someone who is honest and loyal to a fault. He would see someone who is old fashioned and terribly traditional. He would see someone  who smiles in the face of adversity and makes his life his own. He would also see a man that is too hard on himself. …a man that expects too much of himself…If he could see himself through my eyes he would see just how incredible he really is.
I don’t believe in comparing my life/children/car etc to what someone else has. But that being said I can’t help but see what an awesome husband I have. Although our lives are far from perfect, I thank God every day for the life that I have. And for the man I married. Of course we have had ups and downs. And I’ll be the first to admit I have considered burying him in the north 40 on more than one occassion. 🙂 
If he could see himself through me eyes only for a moment I believe he would see he is doing a great job leading and providing for our family. He would realize they just don’t make them like him anymore. 

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