wallow if you must … but For God’s sake set an egg

I am a firm believer that my children are my greatest teachers. If only i listen with my whole heart, I learn life lessons that I can one day echo back to them. Today I was sitting at  my kitchen table feeling quite sorry for myself. I had a stack of bills and of course was struggling to decide what to pay first….I had a headache….I had a ton of laundry to fold…The list went on and on. To put it simply, I was feeling sorry for myself.

My four year old daughter, Boo, climbed up in the chair next to me and layed her head on my shoulder.  Without realizing my action I let out a huge disgusted sigh. Boo said , “what’s wrong mama?” I said oh I’m just feeling sorry for myself.

What happened next is why I say my daughters are my greatest professors in life.

I have used the old egg timer method with my children. To get them to clean up or hurry with a task to get it done we always set an egg timer.For time out we often set the egg timer. I have conditioned my little people with the egg timer.

Without missing a beat Boo silently got up got the egg timer off the counter and dropped it in my lap.
My Boo is very outspoken and said very seriously….”wallow if you must, but for God’s sake set an egg timer.” Without another word she walked away.

I was left sitting there with the egg timer. Rarely have I been given better advice as I had gotten in this moment. What did I do? I set the egg timer for five minutes. ….I spent that full five minutes wallowing in self pity and feeling completely sorry for myself. When the egg timer went off I put a smile on my face and quit wallowing.

Just as I have taught my children to set a timer on things they too remind me to set timers of my own. In this moment I was reminded to take the time to feel my true feelings, but then also to move on and not stay stagnant in one place.

So remember ” wallow if you must….but for God’s sake set an egg timer”……

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