Hoping for a baby in 2015!….and 2016!

Yes! It’s true! The Staley family here at the HK Bar is hoping for not only one baby but two babies arriving in the next 18 months. Okay I know what you are thinking….”you people already have three girls and you want two more babies? ” the answer is actually yes….though not human babies, horse babies! (All of you can take a huge cleansing breath now that I have your attention).

More specifically we are hoping to welcome a foal from one of our newly added miniatures named Magic. She is due, if truly bred, in May.

I have also been researching studs to breed to my almost ten year old AQHA mare, Jo. I have a stud I am literally in love with.

I feel more overwhelmed with having horse babies than I even did having my own children!  I have been reading tons of material educating myself on what to expect, how to prepare,  how to feed and care for a pregnant mare etc. It is much more complicated than a person thinks!

I woke myself up the other night from a dead sleep saying, “did the semen make it here safely?” Oh wow its definitely on my mind! I have been researching doing Ai with Jo as opposed to the old method of live cover. Jo and I’s dream stud lives in south dakota. So that being said it is more cost effective to a.i.

So now that I am on my journey to hopefully two healthy babies, I am looking for reader input! What would you like to see in the blog posts about Magic/Jo? What have been your experiences if you have bred horses or been around breeding? I will pick one lucky reader to receive something horse related. Please reply with your comment and your home address. If you do not want to post your address publicly you can email to second_calf_12186@yahoo.com

I look forward to your comments!

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