some of my dearest friends

Growing  up some  of my dearest friends were horses. I spent hours of my childhood with our horses. I remember long lazy summer days lying on their backs reading books, whispering my secrets in their long fuzzy ears, and blowing air into their nostrils and rubbing my cheek on their fuzzy muzzles. I have had no truer friend than that of the many horses I have been blessed to know in my 28 years of life.

The horses in my life have been selfless and giving to a fault. They accepted me as I was, no questions asked. They were always there for me, waiting, even in the times that I wasn’t there for them. They never hurt my feelings, they never told a secret, they never told me I wasn’t good enough, never, not once did any of them ever let me down.

This is why I have chosen to raise my three daughters with horses. I want Boo, Owl, and Bunny to always have someone that never lets them down. I want them to know what it’s like to love something so deeply that it hurts. A horse can teach them things that I cant.

Watching my girls with their horses makes my heart skip a beat. What a beautiful relationship we are blessed with. I see confidence being gained, I see problem solving skills forming, I see leadership and compassion forming, and best of all I see lasting memories being made.

I am forevor indebted to the horses that have taught me, have loved me, and have forevor accepted me just as I am. I hope my girls look back one day and can say the same.

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