Why I never say “I can’t”


I was raised by a mom who didn’t have failure in her vocabulary. My mom was raised the oldest of three girls to a struggling farm family. She and her two sister fed and watered hundreds of hogs and cattle before they even went to school each day. My mom later set out to college at age seventeen hundreds of miles away from home. She later met my father and had my brother and I. She then found herself as a single parent raising two children and running a farm single handedly.

My mom is the toughest person I know. I don’t remember a time in my life that my mom ever said “I cant”. She only knew  how to work hard and succede. If my mom ever fell four times she would always get up five. If someone ever told my mom something couldn’t be done, she always proved them wrong.

I smile when I think of my mom because she is the epitome of true grit. There is no weak bone in her body.
She always was everything to my brother and i. I can’t imagine being mom and dad and farmer and successful career person all in one.

My mom is an inspiration and I’m glad for the way she brought me up. I don’t have “I cant” in my vocabulary.  My hat is off to the woman who literally can do anything.

As I grow older I am still learning from my strong  willed mother. She’s the person that never set limits and always told me I could do and be whatever I wanted.

She is leaving  a legacy of a warriors outlook on life. Thank you to a mom who reminds me daily that the stars are always within reach, it’s just a simple matter of charming them into alignment.

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