Statistic Envy

I’m guilty. I write a post on my blog and then compulsively scout the ‘statistics’ tab on my phone app every time I pass it. Who is reading my ramblings? Does anybody care what I’m writing?

I wish I could say the only reason I write is for the pure joy of it. Ok, I do, but I am also old and jaded and like the positive reinforcement of the blogs ‘viewed’ statistic going up.

I started blogging because my written communication skills are rusty. This is a great way to brush up on them. I also started blogging because it makes me schedule time for myself.  With three kids, working a professional job on occasion, and a busy farm, it forces me to take time for myself.

Blogging is a great way to self explore.  Most people blog about a narrower topic. I do t limit myself because 1.) I’m new at this and don’t know exactly what I’m doing. 2.) Although I admit to having statistic envy, I write what I want to write, not what I think people want to hear.

It makes me smile knowing someone took time out of their day to read my ramblings. So, thank you for sharing my blogging journey.

And now since you’ve read this, thank you for enabling my “statistic envy”…you just made my bar graph look better. 😉

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