Moments I’ve lost my mind….no, really..

Sometimes I fear I am showing signs of early onset alzheimers, but everyone around me continues to reassure me I’m just a busy Mom with alot going on.

Example 1.) I took the girls to the library. After an enjoyable trip we all loaded back up into the suburban. Back in the drivers seat we are all set to go, but wait….Why is the lady next to us pointing at our suburban? And why is there a car stopped behind us with its driver getting hurriedly out of her car? And why is the older couple in the parking space across from us staring at me with mouths agape? So I roll down my window, lady next to us continues to point and shouts,

“Your stroller! “

My poor stroller stood forgotten right behind the suburban only moments away from being pulverized……at least the kids weren’t in it, right?!

Example 2.) I ran an errand to the bank to get cash, going through the drive through to save dragging all three girls inside. I deposit my checks…oh wait you have to sign the backs…and oh three suckers  right? The teller sends the suckers through with the checks I need to endorse. I take the suckers, sign the checks. Put checks back in and drive away thinking

wow that was so much easier than going inside.

I drive happily away when my cell rings ten minutes later.

Heather? This is the bank, you left your cash.

I say ok I’ll be right back……At least I remembered the suckers, right?!

Example 3.) I’ve known for a month that I have a dentist appointment. Receptionist from the dental office calls to confirm. I say yes of course I will be there. My day goes on. The next morning my phone rings…’s the dental’s seems I missed my apoointment. Ugh! I reschedule,

Yes, I will be there.

At least…..ummm…at least…yeah I’ve got nothing this time.

So, you see, these are just a few moments of the past week that I lost my mind. Does anyone else suffer from the misplacement of their mind?!? Please tell me I’m not the only one. 😉

2 thoughts on “Moments I’ve lost my mind….no, really..

  1. You are NOT the only one. We have too much on our minds – at ALL times. Our minds are multi-tasking when we should be focused on the present moment. Still trying to figure out How to STOP my brain from doing this! I think it’s a sign that we’re too busy & just need to take it easy and not put so much pressure on ourselves with so many “to-do’s”


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