Why My 22 month old Has Chores


Every morning on the HK there are 10 horses to feed, groom and excersize and  there are five dogs that need fed, brushed, and walked. There is plenty of work to go around!

My 22 month old daughter Owl, helps me carry buckets of feed to the horses, she helps me groom them, and after under  the safety of a helmet she also helps excersize them.

It is my belief that if children are raised having responsibilities early in life, they will be better equipped to be successful. The chores they do are always age appropriate,  and within reason. Owl doesn’t realize she is being made to work, she thinks it’s alot of fun to care for our animals!

In having responsibility early, she won’t be shocked when she is an eighteen year old out on her own and she is responsible for cooking, cleaning, paying bills, working, and hopefully going to college. It is my job to prepare my children to be competent and self reliant. I would do my children no justice if I did not have them do chores.

Here is a printable list of age appropriate chores that I have used in the past. My girls love putting a line through the chores they have completed! It makes them feel proud to be helping, and have a visual of what they have accomplished!
http:// http://www.freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com/chore_list.htm

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