From the HK Bar to Libya


Boo choosing the place

It all started on a too cold day to go outside. Boo, my five year old said,

“Mama, let’s go on a trip.”

Of course we couldn’t go on a trip. My husband works two jobs so we can keep the HK running, and so I’m able to stay home with our three girls. So needless to say our budget is always tight. So I thought of the next best thing, and thus was born “The Map Game”.

First I got out our world map and Boo picked a country, Libya. We decided to research a dish native to that country, as well as a game often played by children in that country.

Boo loved the game we picked which in Libya is called Wabees. It is played just like freeze tag here in the United States. image

My two oldest girls loved this game and after an hour of Wabees, we were all tired and hungry for lunch!

The dish that we picked to make is called Shakshuka. We Googled a recipe and found an easy to follow one at


Ingredients for Shakshuka

Boo was very excited to cook with me, and it gave me an opportunity to work on measuring skills, counting, and kitchen safety!


Boo measuring ingredients


Almost finished!


Boo ready to eat!

It turned out amazingly well! If I could bottle the taste and smell you would all be drooling right now!

Playing the Map Game was a great way to pass the time as well as made for several teachable moments for my daughters. We were able to learn about a culture through their food and games. I want to raise my daughters to be knowledgeable about people and culture from all over the globe!


Everyone had to stir


Boo, Owl, and I

As soon as the map game was complete, Boo immediately asked if she could pick the next country!
I’d say with a little imagination and help from Google we all felt like we had taken a day trip to Libya. 🙂

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