Boo, Owl, and Bunny at the Veterans Memorial in our home town Ottawa, Kansas

I’m sure people think I’m crazy standing out here with my three girls at the war memorial. It’s 26° F today and the wind is blowing hard. But there’s a great reason to be out today….it’s Veteran’s Day.

My three girls and I standing out in this cold weather is only a small act of respect in comparison to what thousands of American men and women have given up to defend our country. My five year old Boo stood at the memorial running her hand over the names of our home town men and women that have payed the ultimate price for our freedom, their lives.


With hand against the names, Boo looked at me and said,
“Mama,  all these people died for us, kind of like Jesus, huh?”

My eyes filled with tears and I told her “yes, they gave their lives to protect us, so that we may live the life we choose.”

I want to raise my children in a way that they respect and are thankful for our country.  I want them to be proud of the red white and blue. But most of all I want them to remember every man, woman, war dog, and war horse that died fighting for America.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all veterans, as well as to their families that endured them being away, and for those that never returned. I raise my girls knowing not one life was lost in vain. We remember.

From the HK Bar to the world,
Happy Veteran’s Day


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