Were You Ready For The Cold?


Were you ready for the cold, or did it catch you with your pants down? I have to admit it kind of caught me mid pants down here. I did however, have the HK Bar winter proofed for the horses, cows, and dogs….well, mostly.


My biggest fail was not having the tank heater in. Not cold enough to freeze completely,  but definitely has crunches on top. Unfortunately the cows drink out of a pond so I get to chop ice.


Everyone was happy to see their grain this am. Oh their fuzzy little butts melt my heart.


Black Magic, one of our miniature horses


Charger , katleyn, and Jo

Most important things to remember to prep for winter
1.) Do they have feed available. I.e. hay, grain.
2.) Do they have a place to get out of the elements? I.e. Windbreak, barn, loafing shed
3.) Do they have access to water at all times? (Horses can colic if they don’t drink enough water. I know someone who learned this the hard way.)

Now that the cold weather and winter is officially here we wish you warm bodies and full tummies. From the HK Bar to you, happy winter!


Me (Heather), Jo and Charger

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