I am Who I am; Capn Boo Speaks Her Mind


Today I witnessed something that broke my heart. And it broke my heart even more when I realized my daughter saw what happened and commented on it.

We were at a gas station in the checkout line when a young man in front of us ( no older than 7) said to his dad,

“Wow, look at that guy that brought the gas! That’s so cool he gets to drive that big truck!

I want to be that when I get big!”

My heart warmed and I couldn’t help but smile at the boys wonder of the world around him. Then my smile faded when I saw the disgusted look on his dad’s face. And it got worse when his dad said,

“Only unsuccessful people do those types of jobs. You aren’t stupid, you need to be something more. A lawyer or something…”

I watched the boys face melt in dissapointment. And I watched my own daughter look from the boy to his dad and then finally to me. She didn’t miss a beat but loudly stated,

“Mama, I am going to be whatever I want to be. No one is going to tell me what’s not cool. I am who I am.”

She preceeded to smile defiantly not losing eye contact with the boys dad.

And the the little boy smiled and turned away. The dad payed for his gas and quickly walked away. Maybe embarassment? Shame? Or just in a hurry, who knows, but I realized something more important; my daughter has her own opinion. She knows who she is and what she wants. She is secure in herself, and she’s not afraid to stand up for the underdog.

My Capn’ Boo, my sweet Cap’n Boo,  the world is a better place with you in it…

One thought on “I am Who I am; Capn Boo Speaks Her Mind

  1. Your daughter is the highlight of many of my days! She is so wise beyond her years and a very old soul for sure. You have done an awesome job Momma! And YES the world IS a much better place with her in it! Thanks for sharing her with us.


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