Keeping your Fingers and Toes


Bunny ready to feed horses. Bundled up in her rabbit skins.

My girls go everywhere with me. Being a sahm and part time nurse, I know the importance of bundling when it gets cold. My girls help me chore feeding horses, cows, and dogs every morning. What kind of mom or nurse would I be if I let their fingers freeze off? 😉

Winter here on the HK Bar (kansas) hits with the force of a bucking bull, and ready or not you better be ready! Frost bite can occur quickly,  within minutes if temperatures and wind chill are low enough. Please protect yourself and your family.

The most at risk areas of the body for frost bite are fingers, toes, ear lobes, and nose. Although all body parts can be affected if left in cold Temps for prolonged periods of time. These are just the ones affected first.

Stages of Frost Bite
1.) At first skin cold or prickling. Skin may become red.
2.) Numbness
3.) Hard or waxy looking skin
4.) Clumsiness due to joint and muscle stiffness.

See Doctor if
1.) Skin stays white, numbness persists, or any other color change to skin.
2.) Fever
3.) Pain, swelling, or redness
4.) New or unexplained symptoms
5.) If there is any question in your mind about damage or necessity of seeing physician.

The best ways to prevent frost bite is by layering clothes and protective wear, as well as limiting exposure time to cold temps.

I often put a light pair of mittens under a pair of heavier water proof mittens on my girls’ hands. I also do pants then coveralls on bottom. On top I do thermal shirt, sweatshirt,  then coat. For head protection I often do a fur hat and then hat up on coat.

My girls love being outdoors, and it is a necessary fact on the HK that they sometimes be exposed to the elements. Horses, cows, and dogs won’t feed themselves!


Boo and Owl

I hope these few tips help raise awareness about how frost bite occurs.
Warm wishes from the HK!


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