My Adult Life Story; as told by my belt


Ordinary items can tell stories if only we listen closely.

The hole farthest to the right tells the story of my senior year. It is worn, but not as much as some of the other holes. It tells me I was young and fit and about fifty pounds lighter… tells me I was kept in shape by hauling hay, chasing boys, and riding horses…from the minimal wear it says that time of my life was fun, but brief.

Then there is the second and third holes from the right. These are my college days. They tell me I, like most other college students,  gained a little weight….they tell me of days spent sitting in class, working full time at a veterinary hospital while going to school full time,  and up all nighters studying with college buddies…

Then you look to the fourth hole to the right. This is when I was a new graduate, a professional nurse, a newlywed, and the owner of a farm. It tells me of days spent working  the worst shift possible because I was the rookie nurse, burnt meals, and kissing the love of my life whenever I wanted to….

Then there is that very worn fifth hole from the right….This has been the longest period of my adult life  so far. It tells me of a middle that has gotten a little  thicker from having three children in less than four years…it tells  the weight of happiness and pure joy of a life lived well enjoying my family…it shows heavy wear from going to horseshows and chasing three beautiful little girls around the farm….

And lastly you look to that sixth hole from the right…the one that has no wear at all… it is the time of my adult life that has yet to come. When I listen to hear what it’s saying I don’t hear it speak loudly….but what it does tell me….sure sounds promising….

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