Capn’ Boo Answers; Why do we Celebrate Christmas?


I am raising my three daughters Boo, 5 years old, Owl 22 months, and Bunny 11 months in the Catholic faith. As part of that we celebrate Christmas a.k.a. the birth of our savior.

I can’t help but notice every year how commercialized this holiday has become. It is also funny to me that non-believers (athiests, undecided, etc) celebrate Christmas.  I do not harbor any ill will towards non-believer or those undecided about what they believe,  it just makes me realize people celebrate Christmas for all sorts of reasons.

Boo goes to Catholic school, we attend church regularly, and we talk about God in our home frequently. hoping some of the information has been hitting home with her, out of curiosity I asked Boo,

“Do you know why we celebrate Christmas? ”

My ever sassy Boo rolled her eyes and said,

“It’s baby Jesus’ birthday, and we give presents to each other like those three wise guys gave to baby Jesus. It’s all about having a party for his birthday. I mean really mom, he’s pretty important!”

BINGO! She has been listening! I had to laugh about the three wise guys. It makes me smile knowing she is aware of why we celebrate Christmas and why we traditionally give gifts to one another. I am so proud of her that at age five the message of our saviour ‘s birth hasn’t been lost in translation among the highly commercialized season that we see today.
From the HK Bar to the world,  no matter how or why you celebrate,  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆

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