Recently a good friend of mine asked me,

Do you feel like you are enough?”

I couldn’t help but laugh before saying,

No, I’m not enough. I never will be.”

She looked at me mouth agape and horrified exoression.

“How can you say that with a smile? Don’t you feel like a failure? “

I went on to explain how I can say and mean these words with a smile.

I alone am not enough, and I alone never will be. However, I am NOT alone.  I have so many on my side.

1.) God and my faith; He never turns away and He makes me see with open eyes and an open heart.

2.) My husband; He leads our family with blind faith. He makes me see what love, loyalty,  and hard work means.

3.) My family;  They love me unconditionally.  Period.

4.) My friends; They show me other ideas and support me.

5.) My community;  Provides an environment to better myself, and have endless opportunities.

So no, I alone will never be enough. But I am more than enough with those who are in my life.

Thank you to all who support me, lead me, help me, challenge me, and love me regardless.  With you, 


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