Life after Kids; Then vs. Now


Me and Bunny

Life definitely changes after children. I had to laugh yesterday to myself as I sat down to write. Writing this list made me smile, I hope it does the same for you.

1.) Then I used to sweep and mop after every meal. Now Our black lab Bo faithfully cleans and mops after every meal.

2.) Then I used to stay in my pj’s as often as possible. Now I shower and dress every morning just to feel human.
3.) Then My bills were always payed a month ahead. Having a late bill would cause a panic attack and tears. Now I am impressed if they get payed at least once a month.I mean really who has time to sit down and concentrate on paperwork when there are three minions actively destroying my house?

4.) Then we ate out at least 1-3 times a week. Now It’s easier to just cook at home so the kids can throw food in the floor there instead of at a restaurant,  me feeling guilty and cleaning it up. Cleanup is much easier at home. (See #1 Now)

5.) Then A clean house meant I vacuumed, mopped, dusted, and had my house organized all at the same time. Now A clean house means there are still paths that are able to be navigated amongst the explosion of toys, clothes, dishes, the bathroom doesn’t smell too much like urine if you spray air freshener, there is at least enough clean dishes in the cabinet for the current meal and you can only make one sweater out of the accummulated dog hair on my floors.

6.) Then I could sing all the words to the number one hit songs. Now I can sing all the cartoon theme songs of all cartoon on our satellite channels. (Be jealous).

7.) Then A day at the spa meant going to an actual spa and getting hair, naiks, feet, and massage done. Now a spa day means a lukewarm bath sharing the tub with a menagerie of plastic tub toys and little fingers poking under the door.

8.) Then I drove a truck that seated 3. ( two if you didn’t want to bash somebody in the legs with the gearshift). Now I drive a suburban that comfortably seats 7 and my girls lovingly call it the almost van.

9.) Then I could unabashedly eat chocolate anywhere in my house. Now I hide like a fugitive (usually in the bathroom or pantry) while eating chocolate so I don’t have to share with one/all of the kids.

10.) Then I used the restroom in silence. Now I clap and jump up and down after I use the restroom so my girls think it’s cool to use the potty. (True story).

For all the Then vs. Now I wouldn’t change a thing. ♡


Me and Boo


Me and Owl

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