This much I know is True


No matter what is happening in my life, I know every morning without fail, Twilight, our 20 year young gentleman of the farm, will always be in this exact spot. He waits for me every morning in the same place.

Even when my life is a mess, my kids are driving me crazy, I don’t feel good enough, I am unsure about life, I know Twilight is waiting for me, in the same spot. Rain…..shine..   Snow. .. Or freezing rain….he always waits.

I peek my head out our front door and holler, “Good morning Twilight!” He nickers happily and trots away. Back to his girls (our 5 mini mares).

This interaction with Twilight every morning reminds me that there are things to be counted on in a world that sometimes seems like its gone crazy. He reminds me to meet each new day with a happy nicker and a bounce in my step….no matter the rain . matter the sun… No matter the snow….no matter the freezing rain.   …..

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