Ponies and Pajamas

This morning the girls were bickering, I was trying to keep motivated to scrub three days worth of food off the floor, and we were all showing signs of cabin fever. Boo said,

“Mama, my sisters and I miss our ponies. We aren’t used to being away from them this much.”

Which is true, the cold weather has kept the girls and I from spending as much time with them. Today is an unusually warm 60°F. So I said get your boots on girls and let’s go!


So we went


Owl said hello to Jo


Boo had a deep conversation with her number one love,Romeo


Bunny supervised




Then we visited the minis.


Boo and Rose


Then it started to rain....


So we made a break for it....


Back to the house...

It was forty five minutes of pure joy. It is amazing what a little time with those majestic creatures will do for the soul. Now the kids are playing nicely and watching cartoons while I contentedly scrub floors.

From the HK Bar to the world please take the time to nurture your soul on this beautiful Sunday.

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