When Dermatitis Strikes UPDATE


Today I discovered flaky skin and missing patches of hair in the mane of my daughters gelding, Romeo. He has beautiful hair as you can see from his tail. Thankfully his tail remains unaffected.


The above picture is of Romeos mane. As you can see he has lost a considerable amount of hair and has scaly skin. This picture was taken before I roached his mane.


This was after I roached his mane. He looks annoyed huh? Its true I’m notorious for giving bad haircuts, but this was for a purpose. I wanted to be able to visualize what was happening under that mass of hair. Of course I knew it was dermatitis, but hat the cause is I’m still not sure.

I roached the mane not only to be able to see what was underneath that mass of hair, but also so that the air could get to it. I know if it is a yeast or fungus causing the dermatitis then treatment will probably require a spray or topical cream to the affected area. With a long mane I can only imagine the goopy mess that would have been. And did I mention its a cold Kansas winter right now on the HK Bar? Images of poor Romeo with gooped up Elvis Presley hair went through my mind…..gelled hair in winter time doesn’t sound like much fun. It sounds like beggi g for more illnesses!


After the fabulously hideous haircut I gave him I gave him a good groom and rubdown. Also not knowing what is causing  the dermatitis, I have separated his brushes from all the other horses so as not to contaminate one of the others if he is contagious (fungus).

So doing all I could, I now have a call in to the veterinarian to see where we go from here. I’ll give you an update when we find out the case of the dermatitis.



I was speaking with a good friend of mine about Romeos dermatitis and she said “use some extra virgin coconut oil!” So I started doing some research. What I found was amazing! Did you know extra virgin coconut oil is an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial? Well, you do now.

I tend to be a bit of a skeptic about natural medicine. Even as a licensed nurse, and someone who worked as a veterinary assistant for five years, I still question everything. I read further about extra virgin coconut oil on the Mayo clinic site, as well as web MD. This stuff literally has thousands of uses!

My use was going to be on Romeos dermatitis plaguing his mane. So is it caused by fungus? Bacteria? Yeast? The truth is I have no idea because extra virgin coconut oil acts against all three! Cool, huh?

I thought so too after only eight days of treatment. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so you be the judge!


Romeo after eight days of treatment with extra virgin coconut oil. Amazing improvement!


After eight days of treatment with extra virgin coconut oil you see no scales, no crusty areas, and much improved skin with no patches of hair missing!

I’m now a believer. I think I may just slather myself in this stuff! Pass it around horse people, because this was a cheap, easy, and safe fix for our boy Romeo’s dermatitis.

2 thoughts on “When Dermatitis Strikes UPDATE

  1. A couple of years ago we had a thoroughbred who suffered with mud rash we found udder cream that is used on milking cows worked wonders, and it cleared up the wife’s contact dermatitis, also used it on a neglected pony who had sweet itch and had rubbed away its tail and main and tail


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