Happily Married with a Plan for Divorce


My husband and I have been together for ten years, and married for six. From the time we got together I have been preparing for our divorce. Sound strange? I’m sure it does.

I was raised by a single mother and an almost always absent father. I watched my mom struggle to pay bills, be everywhere she needed to be for my brother and I, as well as secure a future for herself. I learned a lot from my parents. I learned I never wanted to put myself in a situation I was not at least partially prepared for. This meant

1) I got my education. I am a sahm, but I have my nursing license that I keep current and also work prn. I know if I had to return to the workforce I would be able to provide for my children and I. I encourage everyone to take advantage of any opportunity for education tech school, seminars, certificate programs, any bit of education makes a person more job ready and marketable.
2.) I have always kept a separate bank account with enough money to survive  for three months. My husbands name is not on this account, but my mothers is. In the event of my death, she could still access the money.
3.) I have surrounded myself with friends and family that would support me in any decision I made for my children and I. It is very important to have a strong support system in the event of tradgedy….or divorce..

Do I want to divorce my husband? Absolutely NOT , but I have always been honest and up front with my husband that I would never put myself in a situation to be unprepared and helpless if I didn’t have to.

I also believe this preparedness doesn’t only apply to divorce but the event of job loss, illness of a spouse\child, or death if a spouse \child. Of course this isn’t a fix all, bit it would sure be a breath of air if you suddenly got the wind knocked out of you. You never know what’s around the corner.
Are you prepared?

2 thoughts on “Happily Married with a Plan for Divorce

  1. Thanks for being so honest! Actually I never saw it this way…but I guess I got some preparations done myself as well. 😄 I think it’s wise to be prepared for ourselves and the kids.


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