Doing Something Right


Daddy and Owl riding Twilight, Santa Clause and Boo leading Rose

We had our Christmas parade today in our small town. We love sharing our passion for miniature horses with everyone. I was so proud watching my girls ride and walk proudly with their buddies Twilight and Rose. I saw so much hard work and commitment pay off today.

All the hours of grooming, leading, riding and practicing are paying off. Owl rides like a big girl at only 22 months of age. And Capn Boo led our very inexperienced three year old Rose. Rose outweighs Morgan by about 200 pounds and she acted like an overgrown puppy dog under Boos direction. These are the moments I realize why my husband works two and sometimes three jobs….why I work part time and raise our girls….why we clip coupons….why we sometimes go without all the latest gadgets……why we watch every dollar…… Because raising our girls on the HK Bar with horses and animals is the best thing we can ever do for them.

From the HK Bar to the world, may you be filled with joy and wonder this holiday season!!!!


Me and Owl riding Twilight

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