Got Anger? Give Forgiveness…….


Wow, I needed to read this today. Sometimes people just suck, and I have been carrying a lot of anger and spite the past few days. I feel like I live my life as an open book. The drawbacks about this way of living is other people feel free to scribble, tear, and rip out the pages of my open book without even considering the damage they are causing.

I struggle with letting go of anger. My mom always told me,

“No matter what decision you continue to make its because you are getting a payoff.”

Hmmmm….what’s my payoff? I think my payoff has been by staying angry with someone I can justify keeping them at arms length so that they can’t continue to hurt me. I want a different payoff, so I have to make a different decision.

Despite what someone has done or said to me I need to remember its not my job to carry the anger and hurt they have caused. Its my job to forgive and move onward, so that I too can be forgiven.

So I’m dumping the anger, I choose forgiveness and happiness instead.

Choices and payoffs. We all have them. What’s yours?

One thought on “Got Anger? Give Forgiveness…….

  1. I have also experienced disappointments and pain from others but found that I only hurt myself more when I stay angry. It’s not to say you want those same individuals as your best friend or companion, but sometimes you just have to let go. You can’t be happy within yourself if you have anger toward others. Maybe it’s more forget than forgive, but in any case, you have to let it go — you can’t change what has already happened.


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