Fifteen Minutes I’ll Never Regret


Owl, Mama, Bunny, and Boo

Ten horses, five dogs, three kids…and me…all day…..all night…..everyday. This is my 24/7 job. No quiet thirty minute lunch breaks to munch a sandwich in peace and quiet, no going to the bathroom alone. Those luxuries are not ones I have the joy of experiencing. At the end of a crazy day, I, like every other sahm mom, give a huge sigh if relief when they are all asleep for the night.

Hear the silence?! Ahhhh….kick my feet up, shuck my boots off, and snuggle in my recliner with a good book and a huge warm quilt. Maybe even an ice cold coca cola with a shot of bourbon. Finally a chance to relax. I just want to enjoy some Alone time.

But then my silence is broken by a child’s cry,

“Mama! Mama! I need Maaaamaaaaa!”

Its the “I’m not going to sleep until my mama comes and gets me cry.” I wait. Silently praying my child will go back to sleep…….
But they don’t…..
And I know they won’t…..
They instead scream louder, and more fiercely. So I get up and go get said child. (I have three daughters Boo 5 years, Owl 22 months, and Bunny 1 year.)

This particular time it was Owl. I go to her and pick up her squishy soft footy pajama clad body out of her crib, and carry her back to my chair.
We play pattty cake….
We sing itsy bitsy spider…
We look at the latest quarter horse stud catologue…. She calls all the pictures Twilight, (her miniature horse)…
We snuggle….
We whisper in each others ears…
She puts fingerprints all over the lenses of my clean glasses…
And then, all too soon, she falls asleep..

15 minutes has elapsed..

I can go back to my alone time yay!!….But I’m actually disappointed… I was enjoying my alone time with Owl.

This fifteen minutes I will never regret. These are the best memories of my life, and they are happening now. I thought I wanted alone time, and God saw I needed something different. I now rotate nights with the girls each  getting to stay up fifteen extra minutes after everyone else goes to sleep. These are my special times with Boo, Owl, and Bunny.

There was a time I sighed with relief when my kids all fell asleep. Now I sigh with a bit if melancholy. I have learned these days of little feet and cries for mama are numbered. These moments are fleeting, and I want to hold on with all I have. Just 15 more minutes God…..
Fifteen more minutes I’ll never regret….


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