In an Instant; A story of survival and a life changed.


August 2013 I received a call that changed my family’s life forever. I’ll never forget what I was doing. Boo my oldest daughter was sitting on my lap reading a book, Owl my middle daughter was rocking in her baby swing nearby, and I was heavily pregnant with my youngest daughter bunny. My cell rang with a sharp noise and I answered it immediately when the caller I.d. displayed that it was my husband calling.


I heard raspy breathing and sharp intakes of breath, my blood went cold,

“Honey, I love you. I’ve lost a boot and I can’t find it. It all happened so fast. The truck oh god the truck. I hit my head. I rolled the semi. There’s pieces all over the road. There is blood everywhere. I’m so sorry honey I love you and the girls. I was just trying to get home. The window was down. It was so hot. My head hurts so bad. I’m alive, someone is stopping to help me now. Its okay now, ill be home soon.”

My husband had been in our semi hauling round bales of hay when he hit loose gravel and rolled the entire truck. If his drivers side window would not have been rolled down he surely would have been killed.

A neighbor, and good friend of ours came upon the accident only moments after it happened. He later told me,

I just knew I was going to find Staley dead in that truck.”

Instead he found my husband disoriented and walking down the side of the road picking up pieces of his truck. He was only wearing one boot and had a huge head injury. He was covered in blood, speaking rapidly, and obviously in shock.

Soon after that another friend and neighbor arrived on the scene with a tractor and towed the semi home to the HK Bar. Kevin received medical attention and I spent the remainder of that night waking him up and changing ice packs on his head.

My husband repeatedly told me,

“I remember it all happened in slow motion, I asked God to let me live. I told him I had four girls that needed me home.”

The next morning I walked out our back door and saw the semi. I couldn’t believe my husband had survived , but then remembering my husbands plea to God to let him live, I knew it was Gods will that he was still taking air into his lungs.

This accident changed my husband forevor. He had danced on the precipice of death and had been pulled back by and almighty hand. He now takes time to kiss his four girls every time he goes to leave, he takes no un needed chances, and he appreciates every last breath he takes.

This accident also changed my life. It taught me to hold my husband close and never miss an opportunity to tell him how much I love him.

That night if my husband’s window had not been rolled down he surely would have been killed the way the impact and damage happened to the truck. He said he had rolled the window down because the a/c couldn’t keep the cab cool because it was so hot.

I thank God for that hot day, I thank god for a rolled down window, and I thank god for letting my husband come home to his girls that night, and every night since then…..

Hold those dear to you close, and never, never miss an opportunity to tell them how much you love them.

Our lives could have been so different………

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