Mice…err correction mouse…err correction..cat..

So I’m about to tell a story that horrifies me even now, eight hours after its occurrence. There is not much in this world that makes me cringe or shriek….except a mouse. I was raised on a farm living in a house that was over a hundred years old, of course it had mice. Living now on the HK Bar with fields surrounding us for miles and of course our house and barns are ancient, of course we have mice. Truth be told I know most houses have mice. Especially in the winter when they are trying to make your warm home thier warm home. If I can’t see them, I’m good.

And then today happened….and I saw one….and then I was not so good….

I was standing at my kitchen sink scrubbing congealed fried egg off of a spatula. I had already put it through the dishwasher twice and it was still dirty. So I decided it was time to give up and hand scrub it. Anyways, as I stand at the kitchen sink scrubbing away I see my middle daughter Owl, whom is 23 months old coming toward me from out of her room.

I see she is smiling like she has just been to Disney world, or been given a huge chocolate bar, or found the best treasure ever…I say

“Hey Owl what are you up to? You look so happy!”

She continues to toddle towards me grinning like nobody’s business. Most people who know me know I wear glasses or should always wear my glasses…but I don’t…unless I’m driving.. (If you are ever in a car with me and I’m not wearing glasses, you should quickly get out). Simply….I can’t see much without my glasses..

As Owl gets closer I can see she is clutching something in her hand….still smiling that million dollar smile…. She says,

“Mouse mama! Mice mama! Mouse! Mice!”

That’s when I realized she was clutching a dead mouse……I hate to admit it but I freaked. I jumped up and down yelling,

Drop it owl! Drop it!

My one year old Bunny sat beside me laughing at the crazy dance moves I was pulling, and Owl threw the mouse at me and giggled!!!!! 

I quickly grabbed the offending creature by the tail and threw it in the garbage can….then I scooped up Owl and holding her at arms length stripped off her clothes and put her in the sink and quickly scrubbed every part of her body with warm soapy water. Then I spent the day bleaching all the floors, all the shelves, all the counter tops,and  all the mop boards in our house.

And then I went to the animal shelter and adopted a house cat. Her name is Jingle Bell, and she is said to be a great mouser.


Owl and Jingle Bell

I love Jingle Bell already. She patrols the house, peeking behind our couch, under the tables, through the cupboards, and even up on the highest shelves.

She gives me a sense of security from the one thing I dread and besides she sits with me in my recliner while I read and   she tolerates my three daughters hands all over her.

The HK Bar is a place of adopted animals. May you catch any mouse that dares to invade our old farmhouse, welcome home Jingle Bell!


Jingle Bell sitting with me while i read.

3 thoughts on “Mice…err correction mouse…err correction..cat..

  1. This made my skin crawl cause I have the same aversion to mice. Our pest control guy was here today and casually mentioned like it was no big deal that he thought we had had a mouse in our bathroom! Adrian was sitting at the island when Mike made this revelation, again, like it was no big deal. Adrian immediate tried to cut him off, but Mike had already said too much. I nearly freaked out of my skin. I must admit in all truthfulness that AD had trapped 2 mice during the past several weeks in the garage, but this was different. A frickin little rodent had invaded my private space!! Mike, being such a nice fellow, proceeded to tell me he had place several mouse traps in various spots around the house. I am sleeping in my car until spring, so if you need me, that’s where I’ll be.

    P.S. All I want for Christmas is a mouser and I don’t even like cats.


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