How I made Christmas gifts for all my friends and family with $30

This Christmas we are on a tight budget like millions of others. So when it came to gift ideas, I wanted to do something very cost effective, but also do something useful/wanted. There is nothing worse than giving a gift to someone knowing you spent hard earned money on it and not knowing if they will even like it.

So I decided to make coaster sets! I got this idea from my Mom. She is so crafty! Apparently that gene skipped me because I am not crafty AT ALL.

So you take a plain tile. They usually sell for about .10-.50 cents apiece. Thanks to my husband that is a jack of all and master of none, he had some in the barn. Score, I like already payed for!

Decide what you want to decorate with. We did our coaster sets with scrap book paper. You can also use pictures, regular paper with kids drawings etc. We purchased our paper on sale at Michaels for $10.00.

You will also need Modge podge. We decided to go with dishwasher safe, etc since they will be coasters and in contact with moisture. A medium sized bottle was $8.00, also purchased at Michaels. 

Last but not least you will need cork for the bottom of the coaster. I bought mine in a roll for $7.00, also, you guessed it, from Michaels.

So you decorate the top of each tile, then you brush the modge podge over the top of it and seal decorations and top of coaster. I gave mine three coats. Then I cut the cork to fit the bottom of each coaster and applied with a hot glue gun.

Bam! You have coasters! And a cheap present that someone will most likely use and like. And the best part of all….all for under $30.

6 thoughts on “How I made Christmas gifts for all my friends and family with $30

  1. How long did it take the mod podge to dry? I’m really interested in doing this, because I want to do a table top for my son who loves to drive hot wheels cars around. I bought “road tape” and want to mod podge over it to be sure it won’t peel up.

    Does it dry pretty quickly?


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