A Family Tradition


Daddy, Owl, Bunny, and Boo astride one of HK Bars very own, Romeo

For generations my family has worked beside horses, learned from horses, and most of all loved horses. I am proud to raise my three girls on the backs of these majestic creatures.

As Christmas draws near I remember the Christmas that our family tradition of horses was passed to me. I was seven years old and presented with an eighteen hand thoroughbred named Cracker Jack. He was a beautiful creature. Long spindly legs and a deep rib cage, a dark coat the color of mahogany, and intelligent eyes that drew me into a soul that taught me what true love and passion meant.

My seven year old self was awed by his size. The gentle giant was a powerhouse, and oh so patient with my inexperienced hands pulling on his mouth and my bottom bouncing hard in the saddle at a trot.

The greatest tradition my family ever passed on to me was the world of horses. I have worked beside them, learned with them, but most importantly have been loved by them.

I am proud to pass this tradition on to my three girls Boo, Owl, and Bunny.

From the HK Bar to the world, may you have lasting and memorable traditions to pass on to your young ones this holiday season.

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