Someone Somewhere

I know as I sit in my warm house, someone somewhere is huddling under a bridge literally freezing to death.

I know as I tuck my three healthy vibrant daughters into bed tonight that some parent somewhere is tucking their sick and dying child into their hospital bed.

I know as I sneak candy out of the pantry, someone somewhere is starving.

I know as my husband holds my hand and says “I love you” , someone somewhere is being beaten by someone who also tells them they love them.

I know as I smile and laugh with my family, someone somewhere is ending their life by choice.

As I lay down at night to sleep, as I have quiet moments in my day, as I wake up in the morning, as I have noise all around me, I think of all these someones somewhere.

As I realize how blessed I truly am, I pray for all those someones somewhere because I know one day I could be that someone somewhere.

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