Life lessons from a Horse

I realized just a few moments ago a flaw in myself I wish to correct. This flaw is something that I should have realized sooner than now, but as they say better late than never.

What is this flaw?

I’m a control freak, but no that’s not the flaw I’m talking about, well kind of but not completely. I realize when something is changing or not changing to my liking I hold onto it like the dying do  to the last breaths of life. I squeeze the stuffing out of it, I hold onto it as tightly as I can.

I realized only moments ago how I can change this. I can make it better by letting it go, and not holding on so tightly. Sounds simple enough I’m sure from the outside looking in. But you must remember I am the person that mulls things over and over and over. Its not in my nature to just let things go.

Working with horses should have taught me this long ago. The truth is I wasn’t listening to what horses have been telling me for years. Confused? Let me shed some light. Or try. Horses are a flight animal. Its better to run than fight when faced with a confrontation. Am I saying run? No.  Stay with me. When a horse is frightened, startled, or facing something they aren’t sure about they give distance between them and said obstacle. They perk their ears up, move away, but stay focused. They evaluate whatever the situation is, then they react, and run like hell if need be.

Today I am learning from my equine friends, I am stepping away from my fears and my obstacles, I am evaluating the situation, and if need be, ill be prepared to run like hell.

Until then, I feel safe at a distance evaluating my options. Sometimes a little distance and space change the view completely.

On the HK Bar, we don’t do fancy, we do real.

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