Jumping off a cliff.

Not literally, but right now you’d think that’s what I was about to do from the pounding in my chest and the ringing in my ears. I am waiting to hear from a loan officer. This morning I turned in my business plan and business model for a production business providing ponies, miniature horses, and horses for children’s birthday parties, company picnics, etc.

Its funny I’m writing this now, knowing I may get a call denying my business loan, and knowing I will delete this whole post. But for now this keeps my mind busy, and keeps me from checking my watch every five minutes.

Not only would this business be a ton of fun, but it would provide another way to support the horses we love. The income would provide money for their vetting, their farrier care, and eventually a new barn.

One of the things that makes me happiest in life, other than my three girls, is seeing an animal happy and well taken care of. The HK Bar is far from perfect. We have old barns, old fences, used equipment, etc. But we always have happy horses that are treated well, their health is always looked after, they see the farrier on an every 6-10 week schedule, they are worked with, and they are truly cherished.

The farm we purchased all of our minis from is a very beautiful place. I literally would feel comfortable eating off the alley floor of the barn, yes it is that clean. And so beautiful. I felt a bit guilty taking them from a five star resort to the HK Bar. I joked with the woman I purchased them from saying ,

“They came from the Ritz and are now staying at the Best Western!”

I remember she laughed and said something to the effect of,Ā  oh nonsense, they will get five star room service with you. And they will get so much attention and love.

She was right. Beautiful barns and new equipment may not be part of the HK Bar farm, but we have what we need. We care for our horses well, and always ensure their needs are being met.

Cheers to this fun ride I am about to embark on! Wish me luck, and if you’re the praying kind please put in a kind word for me to the big man upstairs.

P.s. I was approved

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