Just plain cold


A few of the miniature horses waiting on breakfast.

This morning I made myself get out of bed at a decent hour. 0530 found me feeding the six miniatures, the two ponies and the two horses. It was a whopping 16° F. My double gloved hands became very cold quickly. I could feel my face beginning to burn from the cold just after I checked everybody’s water and doled out hay and grain. I wanted to stay out and groom but it was just too cold.

I should have known it was too cold for grooming when our Labrador Bo, our three heelers, Tough, Bullet and Tucker, and our miniature Australia Shep, Precious, didn’t offer to come out of their igloo houses. So after feeding the animals I came back in and showered. But I still couldn’t get warm. Its 62° F in our house, plenty warm.

Today is just one of those days you just get cold to the bone and can hardly warm back up. So I roasted a chicken and made an apple crisp in the crock pot.

I tucked all three girls in for their nap, and their dad as well. He is still trying to catch up on sleep from working long hours during the holidays. So I guess when the apple crisp is done I get the first warm bowl all to myself! Maybe that will thaw me out a bit.

I miss the sun, but I will enjoy what I can of winter while its here.

Stay warm. Stay peaceful.


Romeo and Jo at breakfast

6 thoughts on “Just plain cold

    • Haha! Its cold for sure, but they are so worth all the cold excursions to feed their fuzzy butts. It makes my heart feel good to feed them. It makes me feel like im doing something important. Sounds silly, but its so true. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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