Capn Boo Revises my New Years Resolution List


I thought I would sit down today, reflect on the past year, and make a list of my 2015 new years resolutions. Capn Boo was sitting across from me at our kitchen table coloring, Owl was sitting beside her in her booster seat playing with play doh, and Bunny was next to me in her booster seat playing with blocks.

My list went something like this:
1.) Start my business
2.)Buy an easy entry miniature horse cart
3.) Organize my house
4.) Excersize more

That’s about as far as I’d gotten when Boo put her yellow crayon down and said,
“Mom, what’s your resolution thing say?”

I read them to her while she wildly laughed and rolled around in her chair in hysterics.

I said, “I’m glad you find my goals for the next year so funny.”

Capn Boo with her million dollar smile snickered and said,

“You need to get rid of that list! Its too starchy. Here throw that away and I’ll tell you what to write. ”

I decided to play along, throwing my paper in the trash. I knew I could fish it back out because it was a new bag and empty.

Ok, you ready Mom? (I nodded my bead trying not to laugh.) OK, #1. Spend more time with the horses.

I said, ” OK, what’s number two?”

Capn Boo laughed her laugh and said in all of her five year old wisdom,

“That’s all you need to write down. More time with your horses. It solves every problem, well almost, except the problem when you run out of chocolate milk. But then I guess in a way they could solve it cuz you could just ride your horse to the store and buy some more. Otherwise horses teach you to be happy, they teach you to be patient, and best of all they teach you to live how God would want us too.”

She promptly picked her crayon up and went right back  to coloring.

My Dear Sweet, Capn Boo, you are so right. I didn’t retrieve my first list out of the trash can. I left it there. Boo is so right. The only goal I’m making for 2015 is to spend more time with my horse, as they make me reach goals higher than what I would have set for myself.

I put my new list on the fridge.

1.) Spend more time with my horses.

And I did add a #2 without Boos direction…

2.) Listen more to my children.

From the HK Bar to the world Happy New Year and cheers to 2015!

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