Training minis at five. Capn’ Boo the horseman.

Boo and I have been working with our two youngest minis Grace and Rose. We would like to have them broke to harness by the end of spring. They are doing amazingly well.


Boo leading Rose. Getting her used to the feel of the harness rigging.

Little Rose is almost three years old. She is generally laid back and in your pocket type of girl. Surprisingly she bucked as hard as she could when at a trot. She did not like the feel of the rigging I suppose. We kept her first session short. We practiced the feel of the rigging and standing to be tacked up. Boo tacked her up and walked her and trotted her about.

Our other coming three year old is Grace. Grace is more outgoing and independent. She loves pets and scratches but she likes it on her own terms. I originally though she would be our tough one to train. But she took to the harness well. She stood quietly as Boo groomed and harnessed her up. Boo even ground drove her for a good thirty minutes out in our open fields. By the end of thirty minutes she had her responding to voice commands whoa, get up, and had her yielding left and right.


Boo teaching Grace how to ground drive.

I will always be amazed at the spirit and determination of a five year old. Capn’ Boo is a bottomless well of patience and knowledge. When she fails she smiles and says,

“Guess I will have to figure out a different way to do it huh Mama? Because that was an epic fail!”

Then she will laugh and try, try again.

Boo is training minis at five years old. What will she be doing at fifteen…..at twenty? She is an amazing big personality. I am in awe of her and the zest she has for life. She inspires me. The girl doesn’t know quit.

I can’t wait to see who she is and what sh is doing in years to come. Skies the limit baby, reach those stars.


Owl, BIG hat little boots

My little Owl is two years old. Her favorite things in life are horses, her cowboy hat, and her sisters. In that order.

Today while we were in Walmart she insisted on wearing her cowboy hat and walking next to the grocery cart. She said,
“Big cowgirl Mommy, I big cowgirl.”
So I let her out of the basket and let her walk. She wanted to prove a point that she is finally big enough to be trusted to walk along on her own now.

I figured my decision to give her more freedom would end in disaster. I could just envision her pulling a jelly jar off the shelf just to see it smash to the floor in a million broken pieces and a mountain of stickiness. But there was no such episode. She walked along quietly commenting on what she saw on the shelves, bread, butter, eggs, juice, apples,.

As we were walking past the bread man shelving the fresh bread , she walked up to him, whipped her hat off and said.. 
“God Bless You!!!”
Then she smiled a big ornery grin gave him a thumbs up sign and came back to the cart and took her position dutifully hanging on to the cart.

The bread man smiled and what was that a tear I saw in his eyes?!? Yes, in fact it was.

He said, not to me, but to Owl.

“You just made my day. I needed to hear that! I’ve had a bad morning. But someone in a big cowboy hat and little boots just reminded me I am blessed! Thank you!”

With that he smiled and I smiled back. Owl kept on smiling and kept on walking.

I have often said my children are my greatest teachers. They will teach me valuable lessons as long as I’m listening.

Thank you to a girl in a big hat and little boots. You reminded me today. I am blessed. In so many ways.


Maiden Voyage

With help from a dear friend of mine, Lisa, we navigated the harness and cart buckles and hitched up Mr. Twilight. Twilight is over 20 years old, and is old hat at this. He stood patiently as we fastened buckled and hooked up the cart.

Twilight was a perfect gentleman, and he lit up once I was seated and had reigns in hand. His ears pricked forward knowingly, and he pranced proudly. I took him for a short drive around our circle driveways. I didn’t want to make him work too hard as he is out of shape, and he is officially in retirement. What a wonderful boy he is!

I smile knowing he will teach my girls the art of driving. Our little Twilight has taught us so many things. I admire his huge spirit and heart. He is giving to a fault, and I hope we return as much to him as he has to my family.

I’d say my maiden voyage of driving in the new cart was a success. Thank you to my dear friend Lisa for the help. And thank you to a little horse with patience and a heart the size of Texas! 

Until next time. God bless from the HK Bar and the Little Horse Company




Another Business Step

Little Horse Company has taken things a step further and purchased our first harness. Remember the beautiful black gear that was being sold by the family we bought our cart from? Well, its officially the HK Bar’s Little Horse Company Harness.

We are so excited to take this next step in our journey! Now we have cart and harness rigging. Now I just need to master the art of harnessing!



Day Five of Raw Week

Its amazing how great I feel. I have been eating raw for five days now. Fruit, veggies, and nuts, water only. My joints don’t ache, and best of all I got up this morning and put on a pair or jean I haven’t worn in years. Yes, I said YEARS!

I never thought I could do this challenge, and here I am standing on top of victory hill. Wearing jeans I haven’t in years! I still have a lifetime ahead of me of eating correctly. But I now know I can be victorious.

My out of control blood sugars have been tamed, my skin is clear, and I actually am sleeping well. I have struggled with all the above since I became pregnant with my oldest daughter.

I thought this would be harder. Eating healthy I mean. Of course there were those tough moments I wanted to blow it all and sulk on the couch with a bag of chips. But I didn’t and I feel so much more in control.

To those of you who think you can’t do this you can. Its a matter of making up your mind and just going for it.


Raw Week

Today I said goodbye to pop, to foods that are processed, and anything in natural. Tomorrow marks the first day of a ten week journey of clean eating. For my first five days I can only have:
Veggies-fresh or frozen
Water and green tea
Fresh juice

I did my shopping today and my five year old daughter says, “mom are you going to suprise us with a rabbit?” I said , “No, why?” She looks in the grocery cart and says, “Because that’s a lot of green food.”

I thought I was going to pee my pants from laughter. That girl always makes my day!

So tomorrow I start on possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.
Wish me luck, wish my fortitude, because this is going to be tough!!!