Imperfection Makes it Beautiful

Happy New Year from the HK Bar. Girls spent last night with my brother and sister in law. So hubby and I woke up to a quiet house. We did chores together like we used to. I fed minis, then the ponies, then the horses as he let all five dogs out. Then he started the tractor and got ready to go cut wood.

It was all so relaxing and easy. I didn’t have anyone asking me to wipe their butt, no one was throwing food on the floor that I had just spent time making, no one was screaming at their sibling that they had the toy horse first.

It may have been relaxing and easy, but it just didn’t feel right. I went and picked up the girls. Their shrieks of excitement and sticky breakfast hands all over me felt right. Sure its nice to have a small repreive time away from them, but it sure feels great when we are all back together.

I took a picture of hubby and I this morning to capture the new year. (If you know me at all you know I’m a happy snapper.). We are more wrinkled than last year. Hubby needs a haircut. We both need a good waxing. But all these imperfections make this life so beautiful. Just like my quiet, easy morning made me realize that the chaos of my children is what makes this life worth living.


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