Bunny taught me its All About Perception



My one year old daughter,Bunny, is terrified of the vacuum…..I have no idea why. The very sight of it causes high pitched shrieks and tears to emit from her little body.

Yesterday after a particularly messy lunch I got the vacuum out to clean up. Bunny had been playing on the kitchen floor quietly with a string of beads and wearing an orange, glittery lion tutu. Her happy smiles turned into a frenzy of screams and terror when she realized her nemesis was out.

I went ahead with my vacuuming, knowing it had to be done, fit or no fit from Bunny. She screamed and cried as she watched me vacuum. Then suddenly over the noise of the vacuum I heard happy screaches and exuberant laughing, she was also looking at me  upside down through her legs.

Bunny’s perception of the vacuum changed when she looked at it from a new angle. Things that were scary to her before, suddenly weren’t.

In that moment Bunny taught me no matter what I fear, if I change my perception, it might just not be so scary. It might just be hysterical.

Life is all about perception…..if you dont like yours, change your angle.

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