Easy Work Week Survival Meals

1.) Breakfast I do an easy skillet scramble. I make enough to feed our three girls and my husband and I for five days. I use 18 eggs, 2 lbs of sausage, 1/2 white onion chopped, and one green bell pepper. (I sometimes also add in fried potatoes to make it go a bit further.) I start out by browning the ground sausage (fried potatoes first if using them), then I add in my eggs, chopped onion and pepper. I cook until eggs are done and poof! You have breakfast for a week for five. Cook time is about twenty minutes if I don’t use potatoes.
I also sometimes use flour tortilla wraps and make breakfast burritos while we are on the go.
2.) Easy lunch I did what we call hamburger and rice. That’s basically all it is. I fry 2 lbs ground hamburger in pan, then add a can of corn. I boil three cups white rice with chicken juice. Add together, and you have an easy meal.
3.) Since I’m gone in the evening I did a crock pot meal so the family would have something hot and fresh. No reheating this meal too. I put two steaks (you can literally use any cut from a  filet mignon to cube steak), one can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, one cup water, two potatoes quartered, and all seasoning salt to taste. I set the dial for low and cooked about 8 hours. The husband raved about how good this was! What it lacks in appearance,it makes up for in taste.

These are just a few very simple, affordable meals I have premade so that my family gets a home cooked meal even when I’m working, even on a budget.


Crockpot meal i mentioned above. It has no great appearance, but tastes magnificent! (Or so I'm told I was at work)


Hamburger and rice dish on top, skillet scramble on bottom

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